A Rider's Clinic Experience

This is what past riders have had to say...


November 22, 2015


I first met Ty approximately 3 years ago as he witnessed me working with my skittish/fearful & anxious 4 year old mare.  The few skills I had learned, combined with my own strong/anxious personality, were not working to calm her down to create a trusting relationship.  I have only had a few opportunities to work with Ty and each time has been positive!  This clinic (An On-the-Trail Clinic), with a longer length in time, has been such an eye opener!  He has really shown me how to understand her & her needs.  He has shown me how important it is to slow down in every way, to help her succeed and not to take too large of jumps before we are ready!  He has encouraged me.


-Dawn Schnoor


January 1, 2016


We met Ty at an 'On The Trail Clinic' we attended. I attended as a spectator and my 13 year old daughter rode her horse, Iceman. This was our first time attending one of  Ty's clinics. Ty was friendly and very patient with the riders and their horses. The clinic was educational, very relaxing and individualized. Each rider was given ample time to work with their horse on whatever issues they were needing to work on. My daughter gained a new perspective on how to work with her horse by establishing boundaries and also by helping Iceman learn to let go of a thought so he would respond to her.  My daughter also learned to be more patient with Iceman. It was amazing watching Ty teach and work with the horses.  God has truly gifted him to work with these amazing animals! I would highly recommend attending one of his clinics!


Susan and Ashlyn


May 2016


My daughter and I have attended three of Ty's clinics and we have learned so much! We have a Quarter horse and a Tennessee Walking horse each with their own issues.  Ty was so laid back and makes you feel at ease the moment you meet him.  His clinics are good for anyone with a lot of riding experience or just beginning to learn the basics of riding.  It has helped my daughter and I so much in understanding how the horse thinks and how to deal with unsafe behaviors.  He really helps you develope a closer relationship with your horse.  I would highly recommend coming to one of Ty's cllinics and grow in your knowledge of horsemanship.


Dana Kelley


June 2016


I have to admit that I was very nervous about coming to the clinic. Our bad ride [at home] the Saturday before really had me concerned about what might happen [at the clinic]. I really didn't want an audience if I had a train wreck. My fears never came true! You gave us tools to use to help keep our horses' minds and our minds from getting excited and crazy. We really did learn a lot of things and more importantly we got to use them as we where learning them. You have helped my release timing. I can actually see things better now.

Our discussions around the dinner table and in the living room were fantastic! I really did a lot of thinking about myself and how I can help my horse. I had some answers to some of my problems but I didn't know it till you pointed it out. For example, that I thought that my mechanical problem solving mind wasn't good for working with my horse. Or stopping and taking a break to rethink how to help my horse, like I do when diagnosing a troublesome problem at work. You help everyone feel included in what is going on. I look forward to and am excited for our next clinic! The time that we got to spend with you was fantastic!


~Phil Siler

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