An Auditor's Clinic Experience


This is what a past auditor had to say...


May, 2017


I have audited two of Ty’s clinics; one was a Demonstration Clinic and one was an On the Trail Clinic.  In both cases, I was pleasantly surprised at the feeling that I was as involved in the clinic as the participants on horseback.  Ty uses a loudspeaker, so everyone can easily hear him discuss his techniques and philosophy.  Both auditors and participants are encouraged to ask questions.  The clinic continues at lunch. Ty will answer questions or go over a point made during the clinic to ensure everyone has an understanding.  His training is very humane and helps the participants see things from the horse’s point of view. He teaches riders to “stay ahead” of potentially bad behavior by staying focused on the horse and giving the horse choices when the horse’s attention begins to stray from the rider.   Auditing Ty’s clinics will make me a better rider, and more in tune with my horse.


-Stephan Spector

For more information about the format of the clinic that you will be involved in, read all about the clinic formats on the Clinic Page.