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Types of Clinics Offered

Obstacle Clinic Format Traditional Clinic Format Demonstration Clinic Format

Cancellation Policy:


No refund will be given if a substitute rider is not found.


If a substitute rider is found,

More than 10 days prior to clinic ...refund, less 10% of clinic fee

Within 10 days of the clinic ...refund, less 15% of clinic fee

Ty's clinics are different.

What is it like to attend a clinic as a(n)...

Rider Auditor Salt Creek Ranch Video

A look at Salt Creek Ranch... (starts at 3:45)


About Clinics hosted at Salt Creek Ranch

For prices and to view scheduled events, use this link

Location: Salt Creek Ranch, 4215 E. 245th St. Lyndon, KS 66451

                                            (Call for directions-do not trust GPS)

To register for a Salt Creek ranch event, contact Carol Retzer

                                [email protected]



No horse? No problem. Contact Carol to lease a horse for the clinic.

Please bring a chair.

Overnight accommodations available

Event is rain or shine...indoor arena available should it rain


These hands-on clinics will focus on teaching people the skills necessary to help horses relax under the direction offered in order to create a willing partner in any equine endeavor you choose to pursue.   All breeds, riding disciplines, riding levels welcomed.  Specific topics are directed by the participant and their horse.

"I attended a Ty Haas Horsemanship clinic at Salt Creek Ranch. It was not a “typical” clinic, and I mean that in a good way. Unlike any other clinic I have attended, not only did each individual participant receive one-on-one instruction and coaching, but there are so many opportunities for continued learning throughout the day.


You get to watch all of the riders sessions, watch Ty give demonstrations, and you’re able take an active part in discussing the issues addressed in each session. There are a lot of opportunities to ask questions, even during sessions, which is something I am personally unfamiliar with. This ensures that you are getting the most out of every moment, which I really appreciated.


It’s such a wonderful, relaxed, and welcoming environment. I highly recommend Ty’s teachings and this eye-opening experience to anyone at any level, with or without a horse."