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Current Availability


Jan 2-6 Intensive 5-Day Clinic

Riding Slots: 1

Auditor: No limit


Jan 9-13 Intensive 5-Day Clinic

Riding Slots: 1

Auditor: No limit

Questions & Answers


Q: How do I obtain a rider spot in one of the Kansas Harry Whitney Clinics?

A: Rider spots for next year's clinics may be reserved starting at  8:00 a.m. on the first day of this year's clinics.  

A $1000 non-refundable deposit is necessary to reserve a rider spot for the Intensive clinic.


Q: If a clinic fills before I am able to sign up, is there a chance that I can still get in a clinic?

A: Yes.  Register for the clinic of your choice and choose the option to be placed on the waiting list.  If a riding spot opens, you will be contacted.


Q: I have special dietary needs.  If I purchase a lunch will these needs be taken into consideration?

A: If you are concerned about the contents of the food, it may be better to bring your own lunch.


Q: Can I bring my own lunch?

A: Yes.  Please eat with everyone in the dining hall and join in on the question and answer session with Harry each day after lunch.


Q: Is seating available at the clinic?

A: No. Please bring a chair.


Q: Is there a hotel nearby that is recommended?

A: None at this time.


Q: Can I bring my RV?

A: Sorry, Heartland is unable to accommodate RV's.


Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Sorry, there is a no pet policy.


Q: How warm is the arena?

A: The arena is heated to approximately 55 degrees, but please remember that when sitting, temperatures feel colder. It is recommended that you dress as if it were 30 degrees.  You can always remove layers.  People often bring blankets to lay across their laps.

Lunch Details

Intensive 5-Day Clinic Format

Each clinic will have 5 rider participants. Please note these intensive clinics are 5 days as compared to the 6 days we have done in the past. A rider participant will have three options...

1) Harry works the horse for the first 3 days and rider works last 2.

2) Harry works the horse for the first 4 days and rider works last 1

3) Harry works the horse for the first 3 days, day 4 both Harry and rider work the horse, day 5 rider works the horse.

The rider can decide which option works best at time of the clinic. Auditors are encouraged and welcomed to attend as many days of the clinic as possible. You will see all sorts of breeds of horses, many riding styles and riding levels. Questions and discussion usually arise during each session which contributes to the learning experience.


The following is from a person who has attended many of Harry's clinics.

"...The benefit of attending an intensive clinic as an auditor is seeing Harry work each horse with the concepts he teaches and this allows you to see how they work for EACH and EVERY horse.  As a rider you get to see Harry work with your horse day after day and then feel and understand the changes that took place while watching..."  ~Kathy Baker, TN

Register Here Rider Info & Prices


Heartland Therapeutic Riding Center [HEATED INDOOR FACILITY]

19655 Antioch Rd,

Bucyrus, KS 66013


Intensive 5-Day Clinic Date: Jan 2-6, 2021

Start Time: 9am (end about 5pm each day)


Intensive 5-Day Clinic Dates: Jan 9-13, 2021

Start Time: 9am (end about 5pm each day)


To sign up for a riding or auditing spot, please register.  




There is no limit on the number of auditors (spectators).  You can still attend if you don't pre-register or register late, however it makes it more difficult for us to provide you a meal if requested.


The Auditor prices will be as follows:


Intensive 5-Day Clinic Individual Auditor Rate is $60/day (a "day" is 5 min or all day)



Auditors may prepurchase lunch for an additional $15





Make Checks Payable to: Ty Haas Horsemanship LLC

Send Payments to: PO Box 3594

                              Lawrence, KS 66046

You may also pay using PayPal (contact Ty for more details)

You will be contacted when payment is received.

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