HW Rider Information

Heartland Therapeutic Riding Center Directors:  Brett and Bonnie


1. All horses must have a negative Coggins, a health certificate and proof of Strangles vaccination before unloading on HTR property. Health certificate must show an issue date within Kansas Requirements. Check with your vet concerning required time frame. (In the past it has been within 30 days of the event.)

2. Outdoor arena will be available for turnout plus one dry lot. There MAY be an additional indoor turnout/working space but this will be dependent upon the weather as they may need it for horses which are typically stalled in the barn.

3. The indoor arena may be used by HTR for horse shelter after clinic has concluded in the evening and would thus not be available to work or turn out horses. This will be dependent upon outdoor windchill.

4. HTR stalls will be stripped and bare upon participants’ arrival. They should be in the same condition at the end of the clinic.

5. Participants will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining their horse’s stall. Participants will be responsible for feeding and watering their own horse. Heated water buckets will be provided for each stall.

6. Clinic participant is responsible for any damage to the HTR barn, horse’s stall or its contents.

7. Ty Haas Horsemanship will be invoiced for shavings and hay. Please keep track of how many bags of shavings and bales of hay you use. This is NOT an additional cost to you.

8. HTR has a no pet policy. Bring your horses, but sorry, you will have to leave your dogs at home.


Arrival/Departure:  It is recommended that you arrive the evening before the start of your clinic and you may depart the morning after the end of your clinic.  If the weather conditions are concerning, then arrangement of an earlier arrival and later departure can be arranged.  

Last Updated...  

October 21, 2020

Intensive 5-Day Clinic


Rider - $2200

  *The rider fee includes clinician fees, a daily lunch & snacks, stall, shavings, and hay

  *A $1000 deposit required to reserve a spot (Please read about the Cancellation Policy below)

  *There are three ways to receive up to $150 of discounts

     1) $50 Discount - Balance must be paid and postmarked no later than Nov 1

     2) $50 Discount - A picture and write-up containing details of the horse that you plan to bring emailed to

          [email protected] no later than Nov 1. (see below)

     3) $50 Discount - Complete the online registration form for Harry's Clinic no later than Nov 1


Cancellation Policies:


No refund will be given if a substitute rider is not found.


If a subsitute rider is found,

Until Oct 31 ...refund, less 15% of deposit

After Nov 1 ...refund, less 30% of deposit


Make Checks Payable to:  Ty Haas Horsemanship LLC


Send Payments to:   PO Box 3594

                                    Lawrence, KS 66046


You may also pay using PayPal (contact Ty before using this method to avoid fees)


You will be contacted when payment is received.  

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Horse Biography details...


In the past, attendees of Harry’s clinics have frequently requested a bio on each horse in the clinic.  A pamphlet on the horses will be made available to clinic attendees. Here are a few suggested items to be included:

  • Horse’s name

  • Age

  • Breed

  • Color

  • History

  • Your goals for the horse and/or yourself at the clinic or beyond

  • Any other information about your horse that you feel others would find informative  

  • People always want to know what you are in hopes of working on at the clinic.


Please keep this to less than a page.  Make it easy on yourself...keep it short and sweet. If you wrote one last year and want to use it again this year, that will work just fine.


For ease, use the following template...




Feel free to download the calculator below to help you figure out what you owe.

Horse Biography Template