March 17, 2018  Demonstration

You are invited, firstly, to a 1:00 p.m. demonstration, near Pomona Lake, for the Back Country Horseman of Kansas gathering on March 17.  Secondly, come participate in the rest of the day's activities that include a breakfast buffet, BCHK's annual meeting, and lunch buffet.  Bring money for food, no charge for everything else.  They are a very laid back group so the start times listed below are approximations...in other words, relax and join in on the fun when you are able. For example, if you can't arrive until 10:30am, that's just fine.


If you don't know about the BCHK, they help keep the riding trails around KS open for public use and spend many hours each year maintaining those trails.  Addresses and event flyer listed at end of the email.  Map and directions attached.


Tenative Schedule

~8:30 a.m. -  Breakfast Buffet at Lamont Hill location:  22975 Highway 368, Vassar, KS 66543

~after breakfast - BCHK Meeting at Lamont Hill location:  22975 Highway 368, Vassar, KS 66543

~11:30 a.m. - Lunch at Lamont Hill location:  22975 Highway 368, Vassar, KS 66543

~1:00 p.m. - Ty Haas Horsemanship Demonstration (This will most likely last a few hours) at Salt Creek Ranch: 4215 E 245th, Lyndon, KS 66451


Demonstration Topics

How to know if your horse is ready/safe to get on come Spring

Trail Safety

How to get a horse to stand quietly for mounting

How to get a horse to ground tie

How to defuse tension in a horse

If you have questions during the demonstration...Please Ask!!


Demonstration Topic Disclaimer:  These are all topics Ty hopes to be able to speak on, however, depending on the horse and the moment, topics could change very quickly!  So basically, Ty will address the needs of the horse and fill you in on what he is doing, why he's doing it, and how it could relate to you and your situation in hopes that you can apply it when you get home.  He will be there teaching, feel free to come learn.


Directions to Salt Creek Ranch

Do not use the maps on your phone to get you there, as they only get you close.  See attached map and directions.  Bring a chair


The event flyer is listed below...



Annual Membership Meeting


Back Country Horsemen of Kansas


March 17th, 2018



Vassar, KS and Lyndon, KS




Free admission


(Donations welcome!)




Join us for breakfast and membership meeting at 8:30am in the morning at Lamont Hill Restaurant in Vassar, KS followed by a question/answer session with Director of State Parks, Linda Lanterman, from Kansas State Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.  After lunch at Lamont Hill, join us around 1pm at Salt Creek Ranch near Lyndon, KS for horsemanship demonstrations by Ty Haas!




RSVP Erin Glassman, [email protected] (but we won’t turn you away if you just show up!)  See you there!




Lamont Hill location:  22975 Highway 368, Vassar, KS 66543


Salt Creek Ranch location:  4215 E 245th, Lyndon, KS 66451


Overnight accommodations available at Lamont hill (785)-828-3131 and Salt Creek Ranch (785)215-2296

Map to SCR Directions to SCR