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On-the-Trail Clinics

"This was an excellent opportunity for us to expose our horses to other horses and a new environment.  The relaxed atmosphere made it easy for us to have a great time and I believe our horses enjoyed it, too. Ty's ability to pick up everything each horse and rider are doing is amazing.  This ability promotes both a safe and learning environment. We hope to attend more of these Clinics."  

                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Dan and Kathy Meylan



A large percentage of equestrians are involved in trail riding and other recreational equine pursuits.  An On-the-Trail Clinic with Ty allows you to pursue these activities with the support and guidance of a trusted horseman and experienced teacher.  He will help equip you with the tools and mindset needed to work towards becoming an effective leader for your horse.  Ty’s techniques will help you foster a relaxed, yet responsive, partnership with your horse.  


If you have spent much time interacting with horses, then you have most likely experienced a time, or times, when your interaction did not go as planned. When horses are fearful and anxious, they typically act in ways which are undesirable; these behaviors can hinder performance or be highly unsettling and even dangerous to their handlers.  Ty will help you identify the fear and anxiety within your horse and show you how to provide support in those moments to encourage a positive outcome.


On-the-Trail Clinics, commonly consisting of six participants, are designed to meet an array of needs of both horse and participant.  Some participants are ready to get in the saddle and ride all day, while others may spend much of their time doing ground work.  Participants have used this type of clinic to be supported through introducing their horse to being among a group of horses, either while in the saddle or on the ground.  Others have used it to advance their horse down the trail while refining their horsemanship skills.  


The clinic format varies throughout each day.  Ty speaks with each participant, and together, a plan is developed according to the needs of the horse and participant.  This plan could involve time to work one-on-one with Ty, or in groups of two or three, or as one larger group.  However, as the day goes on, the plan may need to be altered or changed depending on the needs of the horse and participant.  The amount of time that each participant spends with their horse throughout the clinic will vary.  Some participants spend most of the clinic time working with their horses, while others spend varying increments of time with their horses.  It all depends on what the participant is working on with their horse.  


The setting of this clinic varies from working in an arena to riding out on the trail.  However, Ty starts each On-the-Trail Clinic with participants working with their horses in the arena.  

  • Transitioning your horse from arena to trail 

  • Combating buddy and barn sourness while on the trail

  • Helping the horse who spooks & Building confidence in horse and rider

  • Maneuvering obstacles on the trail & Infuencing speed within gaits

  • Increasing responsiveness, decreasing reactiveness

  • Developing strategies for group rides to get the most out of trail riding

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