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On-the-Trail Group Lessons

A large percentage of equestrians are involved in trail riding and other recreational equine pursuits.  An On-the-Trail Group Lesson with Ty allows you to pursue these activities with the support and guidance of a trusted horseman and experienced teacher.  He will help you develop the tools and mindset needed to work towards becoming an effective leader for your horse.  Ty’s techniques will help you foster a relaxed, yet responsive, partnership with your horse.  


  • Eliminating separation anxiety

  • Helping the horse who spooks

  • Building confidence in horse and rider

  • Maneuvering obstacles on the trail

  • Infuencing speed within gaits

  • Increasing responsiveness, decreasing reactiveness

  • Developing strategies for group rides to get the most out of trail riding

  • Promoting a relaxed horse

  • Quality of the ride, not quantity

Focal Points:



Specific topics during the ride are directed by the participant and their horse.  The goal is not to see how many miles can be ridden, but rather to focus on the quality of the miles that are ridden.

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