What to expect at a Traditional Horsemanship Clinic…


Clinic Attendees:

A clinic will have about 5 or 6 participants with possibly a few auditors.  Consequently, the crowd tends to be small allowing for a relaxed environment conducive for learning.  Most of the people who attend the clinics are backyard horse owners looking to better their understanding of horses.  They want to have a safe and enjoyable experience with their horse and they find it beneficial to learn with and from others.


One-on-one sessions:

During the clinic, participants will each receive an hour long one-on-one session with Ty.  The content of each session is dependent upon the needs of the horse and participant.  Some participants come with particular goals in mind while others come to get Ty’s input on areas in which improvement may be needed in their horsemanship.  Typically, the one-on-one sessions take place in the arena or round pen, but sometimes participants use their hour to work with their horse in the nearby pasture or on the trails.  During each session, the remaining participants, along with any auditors, are encouraged to watch and ask questions pertaining to the horse being worked at that moment.  Many participants have commented that they learned (more than expected) from watching and asking questions about the other horses.  


Group Session:

During the last hour or two of the clinic, all participants are welcomed to join the group session with their horse.  The structure of this session will be decided upon at the clinic by the participants and Ty.  The one-on-one sessions help determine the appropriate structure, since the needs of each horse and participant will vary from clinic to clinic.   The group session is an opportunity for participants to practice what they have learned during the day with Ty’s guidance and during this time all or part of the group may decide to ride out in the pasture or down the trails.  Sometimes a group will ride together in the arena for a period of time and then head out to the trails.  Some horses at the clinics are not yet under saddle, or a participant may not feel comfortable riding out of the arena, so they may choose to venture out of the arena with their horse afoot.  



Auditors may attend only part of the day, or all day.


Sample Schedule with Five Participants:

8:30 a.m. – Participants Arrive

10 a.m. – One-on-One Session with Participant 1

11 a.m. – One-on-One Session with Participant 2

Noon – Lunch Break and Q & A time with Ty

1 p.m. – One-on-One Session with Participant 3

2 p.m. – One-on-One Session with Participant 4

3 p.m. – One-on-One Session with Participant 5

4 p.m. – Group Session with all participants

6 p.m. – Clinic Ends

Traditional Horsemanship Clinic Format

Clinic Registration Clinic Lunch Sign Up DSC_1553 (851x1280)

Once registration is submitted, you will be contacted within three days.  Participant spots are filled in the order of received registration forms.  If all spots are filled, you will be given the choice of being added to a waiting list or signing up for a future clinic.